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The Directorate

Director of the Institute - Corresponding Member of the RAS, Doctor (Econ.), Professor Ruslan Semyonovich Grinberg

Field of academic interests embraces economic theory, credit and monetary policy in post-Socialist countries, integration and disintegration in post-Soviet states, the role of state in transformation economies. He has 184 publications with the overall volume of above 150 quires on the subject-matter of research. In 2000 monograph "The economic sociodynamics" (in co-authorship with A.Rubinshtein) came out. While discussing the specified monograph the Bureau for the Economic Section has stated that its research concept ushers in a principally new direction of economic theory. R.S. Grinberg is also an author of the original concept of transformation inflation, which enables to reveal the specificity of money devaluation in post-Socialist countries. R. S. Grinberg's works have been published in Great Britain, Poland, Austria, the USA and Germany. Systematically, R.S. Grinberg takes part in the international academic conferences held in Russia and abroad. He is an initiator and an active participant of the Russian-American Group for economic transformations, a Chairman of the CIS Committee of the National Investments Council, a chairman of the expertise council for the CIS of the RF Trade and Industry Chamber, member of the expertise council of the Supreme Certifying commission, a Vice-Chairman of the Russian ECAAR section ("Economists for disarmament"), member of the Expertise Board for the RF Ministry of Economy, administrative adviser of the "Gorbachev foundation".

The first Deputy Director of the Institute - Doctor (Philosophy), Professor Alexander Yakovlevich Rubinstein
Sphere of research interests covers general economic theory, theory of mixed economy and economic sociodynamics, economics of cultural sector, public welfare theory, theoretical and applied economy of culture, economy and sociology of arts. He has published above 200 research works on the afore-said problems, including above 15 monographs, text-books and manuals with the overall volume above 200 printed quires. Alexander Ya. Rubinstein is a co-founder of "Economic Sociodynamics". During the discussion of the cognominal monograph in co-authorship with Ruslan S. Grinberg, published in 2000, the Section Bureau of the Institute of Economy made a conclusion the concept offered in the monograph opened a principally new direction in economic theory. In 2005 the monograph "Economic Sociodinamics" was published in Germany and in the USA in Springer editorial house (in English). A. Ya. Rubinstein is also an author of original economic theories of social sector and cultural activities, widely represented in fundamental works and also executive editor and principal author of the first manual "The Economy of Culture" (2005), published in Russia. A.Ya. Rubinstein’s works were published in UK, FRG, Holland and the USA. A.Ya. Rubinstein is a member of European association of culture research centers, full member of the International Association for the economy of culture ACEI, member of board of the European Research Institute for Culture and Arts "ERICArts". A.Ya. Rubinstein is chairman of the Department of performing arts at the School –Studio (VUZ) for Moscow A.P.Chekhov Art Theater, professor of the Moscow School of Economy for the Moscow State Lomonosov University.

Adviser of the RAS - Academician of RAS, Doctor (Econ.), Professor Oleg Timofeevich Bogomolov

is one of the leading economists, who carry out comparative research of transition economy, politics and international economics. He's widely known abroad. Author of about 500 publications, including such recent books as "Reforms Viewed by American and Russian Experts (1996)", "Reforms through the Looking-Glass of International Comparisons" (1998), "My Chronicle of Transition Period" (2000, second edition in China in 2002), "Anatomy of Global Economy" (2003), "Reflections On the Vital" (2002, 2003). Oleg T. Bogomolov is a great organizer of science, from 1969 till 1998 directed the Institute for World Socialist System Economics, later to assume the present name of Institute for International Economic and Political Studies. He was the forerunner of new research areas: complex comparative studies of political, economic and foreign political problems in the CIS Socialist and post-Socialist countries, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. Academician Oleg T. Bogomolov carries out a great educational work. For a long time, he was professor, head of department at Moscow State Lomonossov University (1967-1978), and since 1999 he's been leading the "World Economics" department at the State University of Management. He was a supervisor of above 20 candidate dissertations and an adviser during the preparation of 10 doctoral theses. Many times, he was invited as an expert and member of government delegations for participation in various international symposiums, was a member of the Consulting Council for the RF President, was elected deputy to the Congress of Soviet People's deputies (1989-1991) and to RF State Duma (1993-1995), there to occupy the posts of Deputy Chairman, the International Affairs Committee, and to chair the Economic Committee for the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. Proof of his recognition by the international academic community is his long-lasting participation in the Executive Committee for the International Economic Association, his election as President Emeritus of this Association and member of the Executive Committee of UNESCO International Council for Social Sciences (1996-2000).
Currently, the Counselor of the RAS, academician Oleg T. Bogomolov researches interrelation and interdependence between economy and other spheres of social life (ideology, politics, administrative relations, culture, ethics and religion). He presented the results of this research in 2005 at the XIVth World Congress of the International Economic Association in Marrakesh (Marocco) and also published articles in some Russian and foreign journals.

Vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician of RAS, Doctor (Econ.), Professor Alexander Dmitrievich Nekipelov

Alexander Dmitrievich Nekipelov is a well-known economist, author of above 200 research publications, including 2 monographs. He has carried out research in the field of comparative studies and theory of economic system operation and management. During the period of radical economic transformation he paid a major attention to research of its theoretical foundations. He was consistently committed to complex approach to reforms, advocated necessity of minimizing social and economic expenses they entailed. He paid a permanent attention to deformation of economic system occurring in Russia, formulated proposals targeted at their elimination. He made a large contribution to explanation of genuine reasons, leading to financial collapse of Russian economy in 1998. He suggested assets, remaining in state ownership, to be transferred under market management regime, a model without parallel in world economic science. He was one of the first to prove that a strong structural shock, all the post-Socialist countries had endured, was the crucial reason for stagflation processes, observed in all of them at the first stage of the transformations. He made many endeavors to substantiate that government should carry out active industrial and social policy.
A.D.Nekipelov is Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of Moscow School of Economics for Moscow State M.V. Lomonosov University, member of Council for Science, Technologies and Education for the RF President, member of Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship Council for the RF Government; co-chairman of Board of Trustees for the National Investment Council; member of several Boards of Trustees (including for supporting scientists, PEGAS Awards, member of the Board of Directors of OJSC "NK Rosneft"), member of the Scientific and Advisory Council for the Council of Federation Chairman; member of two sections for Academic Board for the RF Security Council.

Deputy Director for Research - Honoured Economist of RF, Doctor (Econ.), Professor Silvestrov Sergey Nickolaevich

The circle of his academic interests embraces economic reforms in Central and East European countries, geoeconomics, the problems of international integration and international economic relations, macroeconomic policy and the strategy of economic reforms, regional economy and inter-budget relations. The outcome of his research in the field of these problems is represented by above 100 published articles in Russian and foreign press and 6 monographs, including "Development perspectives of Euro-Asian economic space and problems of reforming Russian gas market" (in co-authorship, 2003), "бnti-crisis regulation in Russian regions" (1999), "Control over the formation of credit cooperation in the regions" (joint authorship, 1998), "Russia: the uniting idea as a way out of crisis" (joint authorship, 1997). Full state councilor, full member, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, professor, Russian Academy of State Service for the President of Russian Federation (Department of theory and practice of state regulation in the field of market economy), Member, Analytical Board, Centre for Economic Conjuncture for the RF Government; member, Board for macroeconomic problems for the Vice-Chairman of RF State Duma. He is a member of Research and Editorial Board of "Securities market" , Economic strategies" journals, as well as of "Economics" publishing house. Since 2000 he is Chairman of Supervisory Council, the National League of Evaluation Activities Subjects (NLEAS) and Vice-President for Russian-German society of law and economics. In 2002 he was elected President of social organization "League of credit cooperative societies", which is a member of Russian Association of Cooperative Organizations and World Council of Credit Unions. He also lectures at higher education institutes, including the Russian Academy of State Service for the RF President, The Institute for Advanced Training (Moscow State University), The Academy of National Economy.

Deputy director for research - Doctor (Econ.), Professor Svetlana Pavlovna Glinkina

Circle of research interests embraces theory and practice of system transformations, private sector formation in post-Socialist countries' economy, current tendencies in the development of shadow economy and organized crime. She has more than 180 publications, including 3 monographs. Besides Russia, her works were published in the USA, UK, Hungary, Federal Republic of Germany, Croatia, Estonia, Finland. Member of a Research Committee, International Council of Social Sciences (France, 2001-2004). Member of 7 international research projects, member of the Executive Committee of the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (1994-1998), member of editorial staff of academic journals "Sovremennaya Evropa" and "Mir Peremen". Researcher of International center for studying transnational organized crime and corruption (American University, Washington, D.C., the USA). Professor of Russian-German High School of Management, author of lecture courses "Economic and Legal Foundations of the European Union" and "Current Problems of the Russian Economy "; professor of the Moscow School of Economics, author of lecture course "Theory and Practice of Transition Economic Processes".

Deputy Director for Research – Dr. (Econ.), Professor Anatoly Nickolaevich Barkovsky

A leading expert in the field of world and regional economy, regional geography, foreign economic strategies of the CIS countries and foreign economic activities of the RF subjects. In 1991, together with Academician RAS S.A.Sitaryan he was among the co-founders of the Centre (until 1998 – the Institute) for Foreign Economic Studies of the RAS, in which he led the section of inter-regional cooperation problems. In 1999 he was nominated Deputy Director of the Centre for Foreign Economic Studies RAS. Simultaneously in 1991-1999 he was Economic Counselor of the President and Director of the Department of Economic Cooperation of Tocobank. Author of research studies to the volume of above 180 printed quires on issues of COMECON countries’ economic cooperation, Polish economy, integration cooperation within the framework of the CIS, its subregional structures and on perspectives of long-term development of Russia’s foreign trade and foreign economic policy in globalizing world (including in 2003-2004 the monograph "Economic Strategies of the CIS Countries and Russia", educational manual "Models of the CIS Countries’ Foreign Economic Cooperation and Mutual Cooperation Problems", a chapter "Innovation Vector of the CIS Countries' Cooperation" within the monograph "Foreign Economic Problems of Russia’s Transition to Innovation Way of Development"). For many years, he has been devoting a great attention to research personnel training, as a professor of the Department for world economy and international monetary and credit relations for the Academy of Finance for the RF Government.

Deputy Director for General issues - Ph.D. (Econ.) Jeliaznik Iakov Moiseevich

is responsible for work of the Institute's administrative, economic and financial services. With a long-term experience of administrative work, he managed the department of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "The enterprise for deliveries to Executive Office for the RF President''. Dr. Jeliaznik is Vice-President, full member and Professor at the Academy of Security Problems, Defense, Law and Order.

The Academic Secretary of the Institute - Ph.D. (Econ.) Natalya Arkadyevna Vjatkina

The sphere of her research interests includes monetary and financial problems in the CIS countries in post-Soviet period. Author of 25 published works with a total volume of above 30 quires, including: "System transformation and results of anti-inflationary policy in the Central Asian countries", Moscow, IIEPS RAS, 1996; "Probleme der strukturellen Transformation des postsowjetishen Raumes" BIOST, N 19, 1997; "Foreign indebtedness of the CIS countries: situation, dynamics and perspectives " (two chapters in collected articles), Moscow, Epikon, 1998; "Post-Soviet countries and financial crisis in Russia (two chapters in a collective monograph), Мoscow: Epikon, 1999, "The latest modifications of banking legislature in the CIS countries" (in joint authorship), Moscow: Epikon, 2000; "The comparative analysis of monetary legislature in the CIS countries", Moscow: "Financial fellowship", 2000; section in the monograph "Banking systems in transition economies" (in joint authorship), St-Petersburg, 2001.

Journal "The World of Transformations" Журнал Мир перемен

New Issue of the Journal "The World of Transformations", 2017, N 2

Moscow, Presidium of the RAS,
October 28-29, 2010

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