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  • On April 7, 2005 the IIEPS RAS held a research conference: "Perestroika for the Country and the World: the Way it's Viewed 20 Years After".
Time and place of holding:
April 7, 2005
Conference hall of the RAS Praesidium, 32 A, Leninsky prospect

About 200 participants– scientists from the institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences and other research institutions of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other cities of Russia, as well as representatives of near and far abroad countries will take part in the conference work.

Members of organizing committee of the conference:
Academician A.D. Nekipelov (chairman),
corresponding member of RAS V.A. Medvedev, Dr. (Econ.) R.S. Grinberg (deputy chairman),
academician L.I.Abalkin, academician A.G.Aganbegyan, academician G.A.Arbatov, Dr. (Philosophy) M.K. Gorshkov, Dr. (Philosophy) V.K.Egorov, academician T.I.Zaslavskaya, Dr. (Philosophy) Yu.A.Krasin, Dr. (History) V.B.Kuvaldin, academician V.N.Kudryavtsev, academician D.S.Lvov, academician V.L.Makarov, academician Yu.A.Osipian, P.R. Palazhchenko, academician N.Ya.Petrakov, corresponding member of RAS A.G.Porshnev, corresponding member of the RAS A.N.Sakharov, academician N.A.Simoniya, academician V.S.Stepin, A.S. Chernyaev, academician N.P.Shmelyov.

Program of the conference

Opening of the conference:
Academician A.D. Nekipelov.

Introductory word:
Academician Yu.S. Osipov,
M.S. Gorbachev.

The following speakers are invited for the Plenary meeting (approximate length 3.5 hours: 13-14 statements 10-15 minutes long):
Academician L.I.Abalkin, academician G.A.Arbatov, academician O.T.Bogomolov, academician V.N. Kudryavtsev, corresponding member V.A.Medvedyev, academician N.Ya. Petrakov, academician E.M.Primakov, academician Yu.A.Ryzhov, corresponding member of the RAS A.N. Sakharov, A.S.Chernyaev, academician A.O.Chubaryan, academician A.N.Yakovlev.

Participants of the conference will be given materials of sociological study "Perestroika as Viewed by the Russians 20 Years After". Dr. (Philosophy) M.K. Gorshkov will make a short commentary.


Round tables on the problems (approximate duration 1,5 hours: 8-10 statements 10 minutes each).

1. Reform of political system and political movements.
Co-chairmans: academician V.N. Kudryavtsev, Dr. (Hist.) V.A.Nikonov, Dr. (Philosophy) Yu. A. Krasin.

2. Struggle around reforming economy.
Co-chairmans: academician A.G.Aganbegyan, academician N.Ya.Petrakov, academician N.P. Shmelyov.

3. Formation of glasnost, freedom of speech and creative work.
Co-chairmans: academician V.S.Stepin, corresponding member of RAS N.B.Bikkekin, Dr. (Philosophy) V.K. Egorov.

4. Destiny of the Soviet Union: was another outcome possible?
Co-chairmans: corresponding member of the RAS V.A.Tishkov, Dr. (Economy) R.S. Grinberg, Dr. (Philosophy) L.M.Drobizheva.

5. Perestroika in light of world development.
Co-chairmans: academician N.A.Simonia, academician A.O.Chubaryan, Dr. (Hist.) V.B. Kuvaldin.

Final plenary session (approximate duration 1 hour)
Statements of speakers at Round tables.

Final statement - M.S. Gorbachev.
Closing of the conference - academician A.D. Nekipelov.

Reception – fourchette for participants of conference

Journal "The World of Transformations" Журнал Мир перемен

NewThe next issue of the Journal "The World of Transformations", 2018, N 3 is preparing to be published.

Moscow, Presidium of the RAS,
October 28-29, 2010

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