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  • Manual by academician of the RAS, councillor RAS O.T.Bogomolov "World Economy in the Age of Globalization" was published in "Economy" publishing house.

Bogomolov O.T. World Economy in the Age of Globalization. Moscow, "Economy" publishing house, 2007, 359 p.

Reviewers: N.P. Shmelyov — Dr. (Econ.) professor, Academician of the Institute of Europe, RAS Korolev I.S. — Dr. (Econ.), professor, corresponding member of RAS, deputy director of IMEMO RAS.

In the textbook "World Economy in the Age of Globalization" academician O.T. Bogomolov provides comprehensive analysis of present-day stage of world economic development. The issues being complicated for understanding are exposed in clear language and in rather brief form. The textbook not only introduces the reader in the circle of basic notions and categories describing world economy and international economic relations, but also against the ground of rich factual material describes regularities and contradictions of development inherent to world economy. It distinguishes it from many other textbooks in these subjects. The author recedes from propagated stereotypes of material presentation. He starts exposition from the characteristics of economic globalization processes as qualitatively new stage of production and exchange internationalization as well as from disclosing essence and forms of the international labor division. Sections “Globalisation in base industries of economy and environmental protection”, International population migration”, New world economic order as well as Globalism and regionalism in world economy are introduced as new sections, compared to other textbooks. The author persuasively displays that energy, product, transport and ecological problems have obtained global character and call for unification and coordination of efforts of all countries. A special lecture is dedicated to Russia’s participation in world economy. The textbook is designed to students and postgraduate students, carrying out research in world economy, finance and credit, but it represents interest to wider audience as well.

The edition has been published under assistance and financial support of Philanthropic foundation of Gleb Gennadievich Fetisov "Prosperity for everybody".

Journal "The World of Transformations" Журнал Мир перемен

NewThe next issue of the Journal "The World of Transformations", 2018, N 3 is preparing to be published.

Moscow, Presidium of the RAS,
October 28-29, 2010

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