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In accordance with the plan adopted by Presidium of the RAS, with contribution of the representative office of Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FRG), on November 20, 2004 the IIEPS RAS held International Agrarian Conference in Moscow. The subject of the conference was "Agrarian Policy of the CEE Countries During their EU Accession Period (the Propagation of Common Agricultural Policy of the EU to New Member-States and its Consequences for Russia)" arose a great interest of the scientists and experts both from Russia and the EU countries.
International Agrarian Conference in the IIEPS RAS

The conference was held with participation of such outstanding researchers of agrarian problems, as:
  • Prof. G. van Deik (professor of Vageningen University, Chairman of the Committee for Policy at Emerging Markets, the Ministry of Economy, Managing Director of National Cooperative Union – the Netherlands),
  • Prof. M. Spoor (coordinator of the Centre for Research of Transition Economy and Development, the Institute of Social Research – Netherlands),
  • Prof. S. Tarditi (Director of the Centre for agro-industrial and ecological policy for Siena University, consultant of FAO, OECD and European Commission – Italy),
  • Prof. T. Hunek (Head of the Department for rural and agricultural development, Polish Academy of Sciences, expert of World Bank, Poland),
as well as outstanding foreign experts-practitioners, including:
  • Dr. M. Wille (former State Secretary of the Ministry for consumers rights protection, food and agriculture, FRG, Councilor of the Ministry of agriculture of Bulgaria — Germany),
  • Dr. R. Shank (Head of the Foreign Relations Department, Ministry of Agriculture – Estonia).

Dr. G. Michelie, first secretary of the Economy and Trade Department for the Representative Office of European Commission in Russia and Dr. A. Kemeni, attache for Agriculture of the Hungarian Embassy in RF also took part in discussion.

On the Russian part the conference activities involved a representation of well-known Russian scientists and experts – economists and agrarians took part in the conference:
  • Prof. R. Grinberg (Director of the IIEPS RAS, chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee), prof. S. Silvestrov (Deputy Director of the IIEPS RAS),
  • Prof. R. Evstigneev (Head of the Center for comparative economic studies, IIEPS RAS),
  • Prof. I. Buzdalov (Principal researcher of the IIEPS RAS, and the Center for agrarian problems and information science of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (RASHN),
  • Prof. A. Bykov (principal researcher IIEPS RAS), B. Frumkin, Ph.D. (head of the agrarian research program at the RAS, Executive Secretary of the Conference Organizing Committee),
  • Dr. O. Frolova (leading researcher, IIEPS RAS), Dr. L.Popova (senior researcher, IIEPS RAS),
  • Dr.V. Rau (leading researcher of the Institute of National Forecasts, the RAS),
  • Prof. O. Leppke (deputy Head of Secretariat, the Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy for the Council of Federation, Federal Assembly, RF),
  • Dr. A. Lyahovich (Head of the Department for Cooperation with Foreign Organizations, Ministry of Agriculture, RF),
  • A. Diachenko (Councilor of Internal Market Protection Department, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, RF).

Representatives of Russian and foreign mass media, including:
  • Prof. V. Korovkin (professor of TSKHA; Editor in-chief, "International agricultural journal"),
  • Dr. A.Alexeev (Deputy Editor-in-chief, "The World of Transformations" journal),
  • P. Reshka (press correspondent of "Rzeczpospolita" – Poland)
    attended the conference, as well.

    The discussion at the first session covered basic problems and first results of adaptation of new EU-member states' national agrarian policy to the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), with due account of Eastern Germany's experience, as well as current problems of the countries' internal and external agro-industrial trade. The core matter of the second session was the basic directions relating to the development of CEE states' Agro-Industrial Complex within the framework of CAP and the prospective changes of the CAP itself under the impact of internal and external factors. The third working session was dedicated to consequences of CAP expansion for Russia-EU trade and economic relations, as well as to presumable conditions of Agro-Industrial Complex during the formation process of Common European economic space of Russia and the European Union.

    Currently, the conference materials are under preparation for coming-up publication.

Journal "The World of Transformations" Журнал Мир перемен

NewThe next issue of the Journal "The World of Transformations", 2018, N 3 is preparing to be published.

Moscow, Presidium of the RAS,
October 28-29, 2010

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